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The most noble of arts. Kampstrip (or Battlestrip, which is the rough translation), is a special school of martial arts where two contestants challenge each other to a battle to their buns (literaly).
The rules are relative simple, yet so complex and deep that the art it self, takes years to master:
1) First nude wins.
2) Everything goes.

Kamstrip double:
A variant, now it's a 2-2 battle, where the first team with two nude persons. Win.

Complex, deep, elegant, brilliant.

As all great sports, there are legends. Due to Kampstrips relative young life, only one person has gotten his name on the hall of fame as of now (04/10-2006):
Tigeren (english: the tiger), undefeated champion.
An example of how a "normal" duel goes:
Duelist I to Duelist II: (exclaims) CHALLENGE!
Duelist II: Huh?
Duelist I: Kampstrip! Go!
Duelist I and Duelist II strips.
One is nude first, and hence the winner.

by ERusGFuje, Jeppe II October 04, 2006
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