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A nigger so black that the term “zigger” would not be able to describe him. He’s so dark that he’s a minute away from midnight. If him and akon played hide and seek it would go into overtime. His hairline might as well be afraid of his eyebrows cuz it goes all the way back. His hairline started from the bottom and is still at the bottom. He’s always trynna flex his shit stained coloured calculator watch on everyone.
by Nigger terms December 14, 2018
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Kamikun is a wonderful friend a very rare name for such a gem. Kamikun's are very crazy and childlike they are the best friend one could have but when pissed off its a completely different story. Kamikun's are the people that will take care of a person and not allow someone to take care of them , kamikun tends to keep he/she emotions bottled up just because they dont want to be a burden.

Ooouuu and kamikun is a complete food lover if kamikun should give you a bit of thier food then your one of he/she best friends. Kamikun can either love with all thier heart or hate with all thier soul, but kamikun is more often than not what meets the eye.
Oh i wish kamikun was here it would have been more fun

If you made kamikun angry then you might just be an asshole
by Crazily anonymous July 23, 2018
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