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Kamiar is a mythological Prince of Persia. Kamiar means successful in Persian, and that is why anyone named Kamiar tends to be above everyone in achieving their goals. A Kamiar is determined in obtaining what he desires. His passion fuels him up, but because of this problems may arise; Kamiars are so passionate about what they believe in that sometimes they cannot admit they are wrong in situations where they are clearly not right. They are very argumentative, and can sometimes give up to emotions instead of facts.
Despite that, a Kamiar is generally a charming man, and that is why many believe that the ancient prince of Persia was named Kamiar. A Kamiar is a very protective and strong man, any girl is lucky to have a Kamiar.
Look at that attractive guy. His name must be Kamiar
by TurkishPrincess October 08, 2019
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Kamiar, although seems to be someone stoic and heroic, carries the joy and purity of a little child inside his heart. He is utterly unaware of how charming and extraordinary he is. He cannot see the effect his love and compassion has on the people around him. He does not understand how with one hug he gives, he can make one feel as they are home, and that , perhaps, is why one would fall in love with him- because he is the feeling of home.
I love Kamiar
by SweetPsycho November 01, 2019
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