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Have you ever met a kamalbolt? Well, if you haven't, then you're missing out. He's the most amazing person in the world. Just seeing him gives you butterflies. He can make you feel amazing just by holding you in his arms. When you're worried about other girls, he'll give you the sweetest reasons why you don't have to worry.kamalbolt is laid back, but also a natural born determined leader of the masses, if only he can get over his fear of success. He can garner the full attention of a crowd with little thought or effort required on his part. His personality is so magnetic, you should never get near him if you are afraid of getting pulled too close. IF you happen to be the girl lucky enough to catch him, you should never take him for granted,you will regret for taking him granted though. Nurture and care for him, never ever let him go. He doesn't realize how special he is, which is a shame, but at least you have you have an entire lifetime to show him. He has the most gorgeous brown eyes, and is extremely sexy. He could have any girl in the world, so you should feel really lucky if he chooses to be with you <3
Me: I don't trust her..

Kamalbolt: Why? She's just a friend.

Me: So..I can tell she likes you..

Kamalbolt: Don't worry..She's not my type.

Me: Well, who is?

Kamalbolt: You are :)
by Princesses magnet May 22, 2017
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