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An amazing beautiful girl who is nice to everyone and everyone loves her back.
ppl- Kalyna come hang with us!
Kalyna- okay ppl! let us hangout because we all love eachother!

by chocolate milk lover May 26, 2010
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Kalyna is a girl with a Powerful mind. She is also a really pretty girl that can probuly get guys. She has an open mind to help others in need. She is so rare that you will be lucky to find her, and if you do you should date her because she might be the most beautiful girl in the planet.
Boy 1- Damn who that hot Bitch?
Boy 2- That's Kalyna she's the most beautiful girl ever! You should date her!
Boy 1- hmm mabey I should then we could go boom boom together! 😛🍑🍆
by Kim taeyuhng February 23, 2020
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