kaitty's are usually blonde or dirty blonde with bright emerald green eyes or saphire blue, with a fair to medium complection. kaitty's are athletic, artistic, musically enclinded, and all around talented in a little bit of everything. they will always be faithful and they will never keep a lie. stubborn and hard to get at times, they will still love you unconditionally. they are very sassy & are such a tease. don't underestimate her! she's good at covering up her feelings but when she tries to explain them, it's difficult. kaitty's are very tender hearted and some things can set her off. one thing is for sure, when you meet her, it'll be love at first sight. you'll be sucked in by her beauty and wont be able to get enough of her kisses. if you get the chance to have a Kaitty, take it. she's perfect wife material!
"Wow.. she's everything I need"
"Kaitty is a real catch!"
by hubbahubbakisses23 June 12, 2014
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