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A sweet and bubbly girl with a crazy laugh. She has an amazing voice and makes you laugh with her many facial expressions.
Person 1: What is that beautiful sounding music?

Person 2: Oh that's a Kaithleen singing.
by Barabararararaa December 12, 2010
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Kaithleen is a person who you stick by you no matter what. She gives best love advice to people, she is a very short person with a bubbly/weird personality. Kaithleen will be honest with you no matter what, even if it hurts.

kaithleen is known for liking the colour Lime green and knows how to start an conversation with random people. She makes friends easily but has a hard time with finding the "Right One"

Most kaithleens have small feet and like to wear Coke Cola boxer shorts. She takes random pictures and doesn't like her Picture to be taken. All of her text messages end with the most Random-est word in the word!!!

She has the most funniest laugh in the entire word and makes funny faces.
Kate is a romantic person who loves soppy movies with first loves and other cute things.

She loves vampires and she Watches The Vampire Diaries and Loves all Twilight Books. She is a person that you listen to your problems and help you figure out what to do and is helps people with their Love Life.
"I don't like me taking Pictures of me!"
Kaithleen: "Hello I'm Kate!"
by Happysappy November 26, 2011
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