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Being replaced by your backup due to injury and never getting your job back despite performing well on the job. The term originated when San Francisco backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick replaced starting quarterback Alex Smith after Smith suffered a concussion. Kaepernick earned the job in relief of Smith and outperformed Smith in several categories, even when Smith was playing well. Kaepernick led San Francisco to the Super Bowl, though losing.

The term only refers to those underlings who take over a primary worker who was performing well at the time of the absence who subsequently outperform the primary worker. Does not refer to a struggling worker being replaced by a better worker. Alex Smith was at the time, through half the season, first or second in quarterback rating, held the league's highest completion percentage, top three in yards per attempt, and had a 20-6 record in the last 26 games (2010-2012).

Term could also include or not include management's preference to the underling in the future. Giving the favorite underling an opportunity to demonstrate abilities could opening oneself up to being Kaepernick'd.
Quarterbacks may be hesitant in the future in reporting symptoms of a concussion, so as to avoid being Kaepernick'd by their backups.

Tom Brady would have Kaepernick'd Drew Bledsoe if Bledsoe were playing well.

The Broadway singer may sing through her strep throat, so as to avoid being Kaepernick'd by the young up-and-coming understudy.
by SeeKaySeven May 15, 2013
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