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A handsome, athletic man that cares for the people he loves and will do anything to make them happy. He’s smart but doesn’t act like it unless he needs to. Great with advice and is always someone’s number one option for help.
Did you hear about the new kid he’s pretty cool. He must be a kadarrius.
by Trapkip15 February 11, 2019
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Son of a great guy named Charles. He can be a great lifelong friend but can be shady on the low. Typically goes behind his friends back by getting with his friends girl and cheating on his gf.
Wow. Did you hear about what Mason’s shady best friend did? No. But sounds like Kadarrius
by somegirlinTN May 15, 2018
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Usually athletic charming at first but a player on the low in other words he's a whole hoe.
"did you see you ka'darrius last night? "
by Kodak kid February 19, 2017
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