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This is a living beast that can shred some serious noob. Has vast knowledge of sexy time and loves to practice and improve on his girlfriend. People get stunned quite easily by kachenga because he is just so awesome and talented.

A massive amount of seamen freshly ejaculated from Kachenga's love sack.

A highly desirable mate for the opposite sex with a very good, clean DNA.

A town in Zambia, Africa.

It feels like it will never stop and only gets better as time goes on.

About 9 inches of pure rock solid pleasure with amazing girth and shaft.
"Yeah baby, I'm about to kachenga your ass!"

"You should of seem this girl a couple of nights ago, she was totally away with it it was so funny!! That was the Kachenga coming out in her!!!"

"You have been awarded the Kachenga medal of sexual advancement and innovation"

Dial a Cheng

"If only I had the power of Kachenga, I could last for hours and actually be good at things!!"

"You know, you could easily get a piece of that bird if you use the Chengie chat."

"Doctor.... DOCTOR!!!! We have more casualties in the emergency room. Looks like they've been Chengd up real bad...... They might not make it."

"Go on babe, please....... Touch my cheng with your mouth"
by Bonoboblojo March 20, 2010
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