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A Ka'Shawn is a very artistic guy with the best abs and the best kisser alive he also has a penis so big it will keep the ladies begging for more mostly attacted to caucasion and hispanic women
big, penis, artistic, abs, begging, best kisser, Ka'Shawn
by Dachshund Boy August 08, 2010
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A pretty girl

A smart ,goofy personality. She's a very spotty, honest, tell you how it's is .give zero fuck about how you feel afterwards, short asf a go getter independent asf but come off wrong if you push her too far off . most people don't like her. Because of how real she keep it . but once she love she always love you😍💍
Kashawn is so pretty .
by Kashawn September 25, 2018
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A Guy That Smells Like Shit, always acts like hes funny (aka) Hes not. Tries to act tough and another word for a microscopic penis.
what smells like shit?
Bro its a KaShawn.
damn hell naw
by Bisonasian May 27, 2018
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