Kwom Cobblesworth-Tabernacle Taylor the 8th. The blackest and shortest little mon there is. Enjoys any and all matters pertaining to mention of an "L". A Kwom is very funny to watch, however, the specimen itself does not recognize or acknowledge this phenomenon. KWOM=Great entertainment. Also enjoys anything colored from magenta to orange.
2. A small dark chocolate chip boy with no car (yet, has a Looney Tunes boat in his driveway) who enjoys chips (not corn chips), any substance that is mentioned on, sweaty unprotected gay sex (tends to happen frequently w/ ALL-de-Kwoms), and lives off Co Rd 39 in Prattvegas, AL.
3.Anyone who has extremely high expectations along with a practically nonexistent success rate.
4. A sweet, impotent, senile, subtle, mumbler who likes long walks on the beach, romantic movies, candlelit dinners,bottom-shelf vodka, collard greens, fried chicken, and most important- CONEBREAD.

5. Anyone who gets sexual satisfaction from ruthlessly killing squirrels.
1.How you gonna kwom up on my L man?

2. Tracy, you do know that if you go on a date with that boy he might be kwommin all night.

3. So you're making me pay the whole bar tab? You straight kwommin law.

4. Be careful around him, or we might have an early kwomzaa.
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