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1. A Kopchick is an instance when you tell everyone you work with that your wife is pregnant and use the excuse to get out of every work related event. Even going so far as to leave 4th of july celebrations to take her and the baby to the hospital.

2. A Kopchick can also be taking another position within a same company by telling your managers you are commited to working there for years then moving to Ohio 6 weeks later.

3. A Kopchick is lying to everyone you work with about stupid shit.

4. A Kopchick can be the act of hiring a cat sitter when leaving town.

5. A Kopchick can be someone from the Mid-west who cares way too much about Pittsburg related sports.
Are you going to take that new position at our East Branch?

I think I'll hang out for a bit there and Kopchick my way outta there.
by BankingBanker October 19, 2017
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