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A gang from the town of Kingscliff, 2487.

Commonly know as' Kingy Boys, the '87, Eighty-Seven or Kingscliff Krew.

They like to rep their post code 2487 or '87 wherever possible to set them apart and mark territory from their rivals Palmy Army, Murbah, Tweed Breed, etc.

Arguably the most organised gang of those listed, more involved in drug dealing, money making and organised crime than its Aboriginal, goon-drinking, random bashing counterparts.

Notorious in past years (2010-2013) before dying out for a while, although there is plenty of talk regarding a huge comeback in 2017.

Gang signs include making a K with either a single hand or both opposing each other.
Person 1: "Have you heard about the punch on last weekend?"
Person 2: "Yeah, apparently it was KK87 and Palmy"
by ozzygangland March 02, 2017
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