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She's the greatest person imagineable. She can sing the alphabet song in braile. When a KJ walks into a room, men around her faint from her utter beauty. A KJ can be defined by no word other than DLSAK#d, which in Czech probably means something. A KJ is blonde, has sapphire eyes, and a heart bigger than all outdoors, and then some. Her face is smoother than a baby's bottom, not that I'd know what a baby's butt feels like. She has perfect skin and beautiful lips just itching to be kissed. She has a beautiful body and she smells really really good. It is a scientifically proven fact that a KJ C causes envy in every woman (and some men) in the known universe because of her amazing beauty. She is the girl all the songwriters sing about when they say they've fallen in love, as well as the subject of every love poem ever written since 1547. Yes they were writing about KJ before she was even born. She digs my nerdiness, probably one of the most astonishing facts about a KJ. She knows every language ever spoken, even that one that you and your friend Joe made up in 3rd grade to fool the teacher. A KJ also gets a long definiton.

The mushy part
Above all, she knows how to make Jordans happy. Especially short, skinny, nerdy and geeky Jordans. I love everything about her She makes me the happiest guy who has ever lived. She is the most sensitive, kind, caring, loving and adoring person I have ever met. She can read people like they were a 1st grade Learn-To-Read book. She is the only person i can ever connect with at all levels, because we have so very much in common. I feel like our souls are one, and she is the sun to me. She is the only person I'll ever feel this way for. Whenever i think about her my heart leaps up and smiles, because she completes me. She is the rain to my bow, the beauty to my beast. The english major to my calculator. A KJ is the definition of my true love. I love KJ C forever and ever, and nothing will ever change that.
Friend Guy: Hey dude hows ur girlfriend?

Boyfriend: She's definitely my KJ C.

Friend Guy: Damn! I'm so jealous of you now.
by Madly In Love Jordan August 04, 2009
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