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A KGB punkass bastard is a wannabe cop or a cop.They act like they are a big authority because they think it's cool and they are narcissistic control freaks and snitches and jerks. They need to pull their pants up. They wear their hats backwards. They talk like the ghetto even if their parents are well-off. They're punks and wanksters and wimps and liars and lazy.often times they are polish.
hey you officer tighty whities.your no cop. your a wankster and a wannabe cop.your a KGB punkass bastard. and your still a wimp even if you do that ghetto talk and punkass polish crap. i live my own stop telling me what to do.

hey i am officer tighty whities and polish wannabe cop and wankster. then the guy says fuck you to the KGB punkass bastard. then beats him.
by isssssooooooooooofuckthiscraaa September 11, 2011
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