Definition 1: Stroking your girlfriend or wife's bottom gently with or without clothes on to send her to sleep so she stops talking. Then you look and monitor to see if its working.

Definition 2: Something IT and security guys/girls, neighbors, google, yahoo, MS and others do to either:

To check what your up to and use it against you at some point OR use it in a positive way for password recognition patterns to protect you.

Sometimes a keyboard dongle may be unobtrusively inserted between the keyboard and computer to capture all keystrokes including power-on passwords or sometimes they do this by the back-door method via email text or an image, video or CD gift. Phreaking can now also capture keystrokes from text.
Definition 1: She's talking too much and I've had a hard day at the office so I think I'll use my "keystroke monitor" tactic to shut her up for 5 minutes.

Definition 2: The telecommunications guy should have worked for NEWS OF THE WORLD to invoke KEYSTROKE MONITORING on my computer. Gosh he gave me a CD and often sends me videos or tells me to check out a link. Sneaky sneaky!
by THE ENHANCED July 11, 2011