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KEDITH is a incipient but popular flip-cup based game developed at Georgetown University. It has been suggested that KEDITH was borrowed from a college in Boston, perhaps Northeastern or Boston College.

The game is played by placing a full cup of beer in the center of a round table. Players claim a solo cup and place flip cup amount of beer in it. These cups are placed around the center cup.

Rounds begin with players attempting to bounce a ping pong ball into the center cup. The ball is 'alive' and anyone can grab it after its second bounce to attempt to hit the center cup. Rounds end in one of two ways.

If the ball hits the center cup, every player flips the cup. The last player to flip receives one mark on their arm. After three marks a player is eliminated. Eliminated players take the center cup, and drink it. The eliminated player's cup is then used as a new center cup. The round begins again.

On the other hand, if the ball hits another players cup, a flip-off is triggered between the player throwing the ball, and the player who's cup has been hit. The losing player receives a mark. Note, however, that a player cannot be eliminated on a flip-off.

Players continue to be eliminated until there is one player standing.
I'm so excited that KEDITH is picking up!
by Kenneth Kedith April 09, 2010
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