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A two-person toilet maneuver where the larger of the two people sits down on the pot regular style and the smaller of the two people removes the lid of the tank and then climbs on top of the toilet, sitting behind the larger person, piggyback style. Then the duo simultaneously release their bowels. This technique is both physically and emotionally challenging and should only be attempted by those of both sound body and mind. Clean-up after the KC Piggyback Ride is a nightmare and the maneuver should only be attempted in an enemy or rival's bathroom, or an appropriate public bathroom, like one found at a Chick Fil A.
Person A: "Man, I really need to take a dump!"
Person B: "Me too, and seeing how you are smaller than me, do you want to find a toilet and bust a KC Piggyback Ride?"
by Doogan McPoos September 03, 2014
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