Shorthand for Kelseyville, CA
Muthafuka, ask me again where I'm from! I'm a K-Villian from muthafuking K-Ville y que!
by the N-a-P-A March 17, 2009
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I've been tenting in K-ville for two months, but it'll be worth it to see Duke kick the shit out of UNC in Cameron.
by Tehhund September 26, 2005
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Kville , another word for Kernersville NC. Loved that recent description of it. I have added more definition to this word K-ville NC. A single woman's worst nightmare. A place where friends cant be found, unless you are of the old fart married types, or unless you are of the toothless young red-neck types. Clicks, or cliques, is often the centerpoint of this shit town. So being a single woman, I am in isolation here in this place called K-ville. HELP, I need rescuing. K-ville means a lot of things, but primarily it means, desolate place for middle aged single women.
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