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A Koreaboo, usually 13 years of age, who just like the basic bitches and wannabe emos, fetishize their celebrity crush by fantasizing sexual intercourse with either themselves or another male celebrity crush that they ship them with (usually another member in or associated with their group) because if they can't get their tiny Asian dick, then at least they can be cucks and have another put their tiny Asian dick in his ass. They also make it blatantly clear that they're a thirsty whore for Korean boys on social media. Basically just another cancer in the form of a 13 year old girl who can't control her hormones and wants to be a groupie slut.
K-Thot: Jimin may have no jams, but oppa can jam his tiny Asian cock inside me so that I can have his babies~ 😍😍😍
by Balder Ensamvarg October 17, 2017
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