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A person who puts up multiple pictures of his or her self (A.K.A Selfies) onto social media websites daily. These selfie posts are accompanied with clever eye opening sayings that people Should often try to live by in their lives, but the K-Longer does Not follow through with these eye opening statements.
Gill: Looks like Sadie posted another picture of herself saying it's good to be a strong independent woman.
Pat: Yeah. Her and her man must be fighting again. She'll post a status with him in a little while about how he's wonderful.
Gill: I know. She's a real K-Longer.
by challenger887 January 30, 2014
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(n) (from Polingbisz)
1. A male penis, usually an excessively large example of one, particularly in terms of its girth.

2. A large mallet-like hammer used for hitting people over the head.

3. A cow's bell, esp. the large variety which hangs from the neck of Swiss highland cows.
1. His klonger weight him down heavily between his legs, and that is why he walked with a peculiar gait.
2. Don't hit me with that klonger again, you'll give me brain damage!
3. When I traveled the Swiss alps, the sound of klongers rang among the green valleys like a cacophonous plague.
by knaive April 13, 2012
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