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an individual who would make the definition of this word into weak ass flow

k-hicks get his kicks on the corner with drugs

the most extreme example of a white boy wannabe thug

first introduction with your mom leads to sly butt grab while in the hug

a person who will leave anywhere at any time to pick up some bud

they are always late and bull shit for at least 3 hours before he can show up

he will always ditch his friends if he has chance to get more fucked up

always on a bar

because he wants to feel like he wants to float in the stars

because he's a wayne wannabe

but he can't see past that bag of green

and then end the flow with a sentence that does not rhyme with an example being

i like bars
an example of a K-HICKS is as follows;

a person who exclusively picks up for people he heard from word of mouth that had some good bud, bars, k2's, perc 30's, oc's, free beer, late night beat potentials who could even look like a cross between a pig and a large frightening bear, always on the prowl for fig newtons
by west lake security co. July 18, 2008
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