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Definition of K-DİΝΟS

k - di·no·s / ˈdīnəˌôs n.

Dinosaurian / DJ-Performer / Remixer —

(Pronounced kay dee-noes, as in the Greek/Latin/Italian pronunciation)

1 : is "Your Friendly Neighborhood Disco-Dinosaur" who emerged from the Phunk-assic period, on the Sixth-Day of Creation (approximately 6,000 years ago) and hatched it way out to this current new millennium from a gigantic boogie egg in the shape of a disco ball. From that moment on, it has shaken dance-floor-tologists, keeping them on their toes with a mighty volcanic eruptive roar of bouncy baseline rhythms. Feasting upon even the stiffest kind of critters that cross its path and awakening, causing them to tremble under its thundersaurus thumps. Known to crush down on its prey, straight-to-the-bone, with one enormous bite, and ooze them out with one groovicious fever attitude.

2 : a very large chiefly terrestrial omnivore non-extinct reptile (as konstantinosaurs) of the Funk Age.

3 : one that is impractically large, fresh and up-to-date, or cutting-edge.

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< The dancefloor is now a dinosaur pizza party with K-DINOS in the groove. >
by WalkAmongUs March 06, 2017
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