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Kidnap and Slave Fuck Me Lifestyle has become a common abbreviation that has become popular after past court cases in the 90's such as Colleen Stan, Shauna Newell and various others. The term however became ever soo popular and mainstream after the 50 Shades of Grey saga, when sexual slavery has become a form of fantasy many woman have become entwined and indulged with. The recent popularization has lead this term to become used in a positive manner to address peoples sexual preferences in an open and socially accepted way, celebrating modern sexual freedom
Yo Zain, I met this girl online and she was all about the K&SFM Lifestyle

Me as a modern woman can proudly say I'm about that K&SFM Lifestyle

Hey Jay have you ever been with a K&SFM Lifestyle kind of woman because iv been looking everywhere and I can't find anyone!!!
by Info Man 2012 December 18, 2012
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