K Leaf is a special type of leaf that doesn't grow on trees but in Noah's heart (the romantic and best ship). Leaf is Jungkook and Noah is Taehyung. Yoongi and Hoseok, Hwasa and Woo Choisik are all jealous of Kleaf and Noah because they were promised that Noah would share, but he doesn't seem to want to share KLeaf at all. Not even with his former lover, Yoongi. His love for Yoongi faded as Kleaf grew in his heart.
"Hey, have you heard of that ancient couple?"
"Which one?"
"Noah and K Leaf. Apparently K Leaf is one of a kind for Noah.
by LeafLover January 25, 2021
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Cabbage leaves dried up, shredded and rolled up to smoke. Gets you high as shit, but when you come down, hurts like motherfuck.
"Yo dawg, pass the k-leaf."

"Awww shit.. my head's banging like a jackhammer cos of that mofuckin k-leaf."
by mjs2 May 05, 2007
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