K., kdot, Kdot, Capitat K-dot, or KDOT bluntly means "Okay... period."

It can be an answer to an annoying comment or remark. It's like saying "Okay you made your point... now let's cut the crap and end it-- period."

or simply acknowledging a person, place, thing or event by expressing "K- dot."

or saying you understood the message already - "K-dot !"

when communicating on the internet; typing kdot in different ways (K., kdot, k-dot, capital K-dot, Kdot, K-dot, KDOT) can convey different levels of expression... especially among friends and officemates.
A: Ugh, this was a very tiring and depressing day.
B: U R So Gay !
A: K-dot

C: In order to understand the sun's radiation we have to ... blabber *#* blah.
D: K- dot ... It's like we have to go and research about Nuclear Physics to understand this lecture about sunburn.

G: HEY WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU !!! i've been calling you the whole day! i even went to your house !! you've been ignoring me for a week !!! It all started when...... !!! can't you understand we were...!!! blah blah blah

B: KDOT *(beech)
by silver_bugster February 15, 2012
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okay. cut short ,
instead of typing okay. ,people put kdot.
or its to show there un-enthusiasum about something.
beth ;im getting my hair cut tomorrow.
mel ;nobody cares.
beth ;i do.
mel ;kdot.
by shorty.123 October 17, 2010
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long word for OK.
or it can be "Kalaguran Daka Oytamu" means I Love you that's it :P
Kristine: Please clean your mess Sowii!
Sowii: KDOT!

Jinho: Do you really like me?
Rach: KDOT Jinho!
by SnowWhite1 January 10, 2012
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When you use this word you don’t care what the other person has to say and the conversation has ended. If you end an argument like this, you immediately win. DONT REPEAT THIS AFTER IT HAS BEEN USED ONCE ALREADY!!!!!!
Meg-shut up u little weirdo


Olivia-*thinks*eww the little space bender
via giphy
by OtterGiraffe.com May 13, 2020
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The word K dot originates from the word K which is a slang term for ok. Adding dot on the end to the word K dot makes it a sarcastic and negative comment. It is the opposite of the word ok it means you are clearly not ok and have chosen to be very out spoken and distasteful about doing so. This word is most commonly used by bitches and people with no respect for the people or person they are talking too.
Millie: I don't think our friendship is working out I think your an awesome person we just aren't meant to be friends at this point in our lives.

Chloe: K Dot ( walks away)
by UrbanDictionary10962 December 10, 2019
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