A slang word for the drug perscription drug Clonazepam also know as Klonopin in the Benzodiazepine family. They are highly abused and very addictive with a street value of 3-5$ a milligram on the street.

The term "K Cut" gets its name from the obvious letter "K" which is cut out of the center of the round pill.

Note that not all Klonopin have K's cutouts. Only the Roche brand have K cutouts which are more expensive than the generic ones at a pharmacy. Hence why you are unlikely to see any K cuts Versus you everyday genaric brand Klonopin witch out a K cutout.
Ivan: Yo kenny you got any K cut's left?

Kenny: Yeah, or wait... maybe not. I don't know if I ate them all, lost them or sold them. I forgot.. You seen my car keys?

Ivan: Get your shit together bro.
by Ivan S Tessmer January 25, 2013
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A film editing technique. Like the "J-cut" or the "L-cut" it's used when the sound occurs prior to or not over the sync visual. Similarly, the definition of a K-cut is when you use sound over black before bringing up the sync image. It's called the K-cut for two reasons, the first because it's used over black and K is the letter designated to black as in CMYK. The other reason is because it's named after the editor who coined this term, Kai.
The use of K-cuts in that horror movie really made it much scarier because it left the visual to the viewers imagination.
by kaifang September 22, 2009
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A Karen haircut. What else would it be.
Person 1: Bro, look at her haircut.
Person 2: Ew, that's a K cut
by Come Drinker December 29, 2021
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