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Jyike means anything you want it to mean, it can replace ANY word.

No one knows the true meaning of the word when you say it

So saying,
"I wanna Jyike you."
could be interpreted as anything, but could really just mean,
"i wanna (hug,kiss,strangle,race,love,beat,kidnap,save) you"
..the list can go on and on.
1) Dude I just kissed a Jyike. (Girl, Frog, Any Noun)

2) Hi, my name is Jyike.

1) Im gonna go for a Jyike. (Run)

2) Im gonna Jyike Something up. (Mess)

Originated in Oklahoma by some Jyikes in 2010
by Parple. June 23, 2010
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