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derived from the popular use of the word "own", meaning to win, which evolved into "pwn." Jwnz literally stands for the originator, Megan Jones, last name, although commonly mispronounced as Junes. Many players have evolved the word into such a form to relate to the form of "jonesing."

Although Jwnz is used as a word of great win and achievement, the player Jwnz plays more for the lulz rather than for the wins, but in a time of need may put on her propants and bring the team to victory, implementing a "Jwn."

Megan Jones uses the title Jwnz in any internet related account to show that she will always have dominance over whatever she is up against. When feeling that she is needed to "carry" a team, she sometimes may be found as CptJwnz. When hiding her identity, you may find her as Falkor, her original name Megan is Beast, or even her true name Megan Jones.
We never had a chance when we were up against Jwnz.

Jwnzin for a win with Jwnz!
by ^5 August 20, 2010
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