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A female Jakobe. No one thing defines Jwahadai. The look, the attitude, some say the pheromones. Yet the effect is obvious, everyone notices a Jwahadai, shows preference for her, enjoys being with or even near to her. In general: men want her, and women want to be like her. Attractive and intelligent, all in a nice package, it is hard to deny the alure of Jwahadai. Attention is paid to everything she does, she is noticed wherever she goes, and welcomed by all. In ancient time females of this type were considered a muse and inspired poetry, music, and art made in their honor. Often coveted by men, the competition is heavy to sucsessfully get with one. Trophy wives could be mistaken for Jwahadai, but for the fact they are trophy wives, because they lack the general sucess and independence that are also attributes of a Jwahadai.
!. Jwahadai opens her mouth, and everyone wanted to hear what she had to say. Instead she burped, and they were all charmed by her casual demeanor.
by James Tiberious Kirk May 15, 2013
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