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The one bathroom in school where every kid goes during there Tenth Period to rip fat clouds in the bathroom so "they can focous" because if they aren't on the nic there gonna be shaking like a bitch. Until custodian tom Pulls up and ruins the party. The Juul room is for Juulers only and if you go to the Bathroom to actually pee or shit you will be harassed by prepubescent sophomore Juulers. The entire school knows that the back stall is for Juuling and if you aren't in there to Juul, your gonna get your ass jumped and your T34 Calculator stolen.
Juulio: Yo, David pull up to the JUULROOM tenth period for a rip of my new mod.
David: DOOD you got a new Cloud buster, bet Ill be there in the back stall.
Juulio: Say less, meet me Juulroom tenth period ASAP
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by CrostiniWrath June 11, 2018
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Slang term for the bathroom in high schools because of their popularity as places to use Juul electronic cigarettes away from teachers and administrators.
Mr. Raines, Can I go to the Juul Room.
by sub1987 June 08, 2018
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the bathroom at your local middle school, where 11 - 14 year old juuls
Friend: Why are there toilets here wtf?

Me: ikr who even goes to pee in the juul room smh
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by RainiTheSkinny March 31, 2019
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The place where the youth go to hit their electronic cigarettes. Most of the time in the bathroom at school or any secluded area.
Guy 1:Hey Bro, do you have your Juul?

Guy 2:Yea, but your going to have to follow me to the Juul Room
by The NHS Word Wizard April 14, 2019
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