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the truth is if you want your girlfriend to notice your dick, you must show her the truth....
I assume you are dating and if so your on your way to result,
see there's a 100% chance she will acknowledge with stunning results.
one day when she is coming over for dinner you will get a call from her telling you she is almost there, at this time you must strip naked and stand tall for when she walks in you will know the truth..
you can get 2 results, you straight up pop an Insta-bone as she glimpses at the monstrousness thing and then slams down upon the truth set until she finds a bigger one or you go limp... Then Your Fucked.
Ex: Tutorial: Showing JUST THE TRUTH!
Gus: "Dude sterling, me and Karlee aren't gettin any where man."
Sterling: "Damn dude that sucks. Whats not going right?"
Gus: "Well i just mean like, its been three months and she hasn't even seen my penis yet."
Sterling: "Ah dude! I know an easy solution to that!.... SHOW HER THE TRUTH!!!" ...

... The next day, Gus invited Karlee over to his house. A few minutes later, she said she was close. Gus knew exactly what to do. He stripped naked and stood directly in the middle of the room. Karlee slowly opened the door and stared Gus directly in the eyes! "Oh man i can feel it coming on," Gus thought!" POP! Gus popped an Insta-Bone!!!

by DillweedDoobiePPPsEndo November 21, 2010
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