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Bassist for the band The Summer Set. Birthday on December 8. Extremely sarcastic. Atheist. Drinks a lot. Has a brother named John Gomez. Mexasian. Can't speak Spanish. Is from Scottsdale, AZ.
Person 1: Who's the guy who smirks a lot?
Person 2: That's Stephen Gomez.
by AlliSIGH April 21, 2010
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Lead singer in a band called There for Tomorrow. Crazy deep. Most of the time, no one knows what he's talking about. He doses off at times and has an amazing voice. He's in a band with Christian Climer, Chris Kamrada, and Jay Enriquez. He is from Tonga. Really cool and strange.
Girl 1: Have you heard 'Burn the Night Away?'
Girl 2: Yeah! That song is awesome! Who's the lead singer?
Girl 1: None other than Maika Maile!
by AlliSIGH April 21, 2010
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Bassist for the awesome band There for Tomorrow. His birthday is August 27. He's pretty much the funniest person in the band. Half Puerto-Rican, half Mexican. Awesome guy all around.
Kiba: Who's your favorite member of There for Tomorrow?
Alisha: It's gotta be Jay Enriquez, that boy is so funny.
by AlliSIGH September 06, 2010
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Signed with Razor and Tie Records. Labelmates with The Summer Set. One of the best bands in the whole entire world. Composed of Jason Maffucci, Dan Simons, Steve Miller, Kyle Shellhammer, and Jolly Ubriaco. A rock band. New album coming out soon called Phoenix. Had albums such as We're in Like Sin and If These Streets Could Talk. Great live. Great singers and great performers. Really talented. So much emotion put into each and every song.
Person 1: What is that you're listening to? Sounds REALLY good.
Person 2: Oh, Just Surrender...
Person 1: WOW! Let me listen!
by AlliSIGH April 20, 2010
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When a person has a Mexican parent and also an Asian parent or when they APPEAR to be a mix. i.e. Stephen Gomez
Alisha: Look at him... he's hot!
Anri: Eww... he looks like a mexican/asian hybrid.
Alisha: No... that's what we call a Mexasian.
by AlliSIGH April 20, 2010
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