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Hay▪craft /Hey▪kraft, Hey▪krahft/ A sexual intercourse maneuver involving a male who in the professional setting is subordinate, and female who is said males superior, esp. the insertion of the subordinate males penis into the vagina of the superior female where the subordinate male takes on the dominate role, the subordinate male at the peak of sexual excitation, removes the penis from the vagina and shoves it vigorously, with drive and vengeance, forcing it into the anus of the superior female while simultaneously giving the female a sharp thrust or blow, esp. with the fist, but maybe with other blunt objects typically to the back of the head, but maybe to the side or top of the head, usually accompanied in the now dominate male by ejaculation on rear body and hair of the now submissive (and possibly unconscious) superior female, this maneuver is conducted so it strikes or occurs with a sudden feeling of wonder or astonishment, as through its unexpectedness.


Iraq. 2010; ME; OEgcræft strength, skill, domination; c. G Heukraft, ON heykraptr, Goth hawikracht.
Employee 1: Hey Jonny why are you cleaning out your desk?
Employee 2: I was going jackhammer on the bosses guts last night, got caught up in the moment, delivered a Haycraft and when that bitch came to, she canned me.

Example 2
Employee 1: The boss looks kind of homely with that sort hair and those freckles
Employee2: I’d fuck her, and then give that bitch a Haycraft!
by Haycrafter October 06, 2010
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