Just Jack, often known as Just Wack is an self proclaimed artist from London. He also has a degree in furniture design which has helped his music career by allowing him to come up with lyrics such as
"Im lovin' Mary Jane, flyin' with Lois Lane, On board a bullet train".
Says he has a writers block but is blatantly a lie, he just cba's writing good lyrics.
Released a chart single recently called star's in their eyes, in which the video featured a stock car jumping through a hoop on fire and a man in drag. His new single is absolute bollocks, along with the video that is yet again pointless.
Kid 1:Tell your dad that the TV cabinet you sold us collapsed. Whats just Jack gonna do about it?
Kid 2:I'll get him to fix you up a new one and give you a complementary copy of the Album "The Outer Market" that leaped to 781 in the UK chart
Kid 1:Thats funny, my dad released an album that exact week and he said that it also reached.....
Kid 2:OK 782 then....
by R4inman May 17, 2007
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Similar to Destroy Dick December, Just jack it January entails that the individual must only "jack it" (Masturbate) with his/her (Gender Inclusive) free time. The challenge begins as soon as the little hand strikes 12 on January 1st. Many in the past have considered it to be a group activity as it begins on New Years day when many individuals are with friends and family.
Arjun: Man I'm so tired from destroy dick december
Diana: Get ready for round 2, a.k.a Just Jack It January!
by J_A_D_G December 11, 2017
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Just Jack January aka Blue balls month

Just Jack It January is the third part of "Torture Your Dick Months". If you didn't know it begins in November with "No Nut November", Then comes December with "Destroy dick December" and ends in January with "Just Jack January".

In Just Jack January you can not nut in a whole month but you have to masturbate a whole hour straight without stopping.
Guy 1: Hey Guy 2, do you wanna hang out
Guy 2: No sorry, i gotta {wank 1 hour} first. i gotta do just jack january
by marretheman July 15, 2019
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