Common idiom used primarily in the United States (date unknown). Started by a brilliant scientist in leu of "Just kidding" or "Just pulling your leg".

(transitive) to tease or deceive for fun
(intransitive) to speak or speak deceptively for fun
"The moon is made of cheese."
"No, just chickening you!"
"Oh, haha!"
by feistyfaz February 21, 2015
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Waiter: what would you like?
Me: chicken
Waiter: what would you like your side to be?
waiter: what drink would you like?
Me: uhhhhh chicken
by Raumlu June 27, 2019
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Some one that is just chillin and kicking it for the day/night.
Dude- so what’s up with u tonight
Other dude- notta just chicken it
by GrinAnnBareIt January 26, 2021
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