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An alternative name of Michaeldsuarez an ex-user on Wikipedia who got banned after his cyber-stalking and obsessive trolling on Encyclopedia Dramatica was discovered.

Michaeldsuarez clearly suffered from many mental issues, we can guess he also had low self esteem in real life (hence his desire to escape into fantasy RPG's which he wrote about so much and the internet of course which he used so much) and an inflated ego was among them but the major issue he had was internet addiction disorder. Michael clearly suffered from a superiority complex too and made it his goal to rise through all Wikias possible.

At some point in his pathetic cyber-life, Michael had some disputes with some other users (one of whom led to Michael being perma IP banned from Wikipedia, a rare occurrence indeed but we'll get to that in a minute) who managed to slip around Wikipedia's policies to troll Michael. Michael did what any typical butthurt Wikipedian would do in response: he ran to Encyclopedia Dramatica and made an entire page dedicated to his nemesis (Fæ) which was later discovered by Wikipedia's admins leading to Michael's perma IP ban from the wiki. This wasn't a first as Michael had done this before against other people he hated.

Michael's obsession of Wikipedia didn't stop however as he kept using his talk page to moan about his ban. This led to one mod just removing this feature so his account couldn't do anything.
Still butthurt at Fae, Michael spent over three years on the Fae's Encyclopedia article, updating it all the way into 2014 whilst in denial that he was mentally ill as he wrote the next wall of text about his nemesis. Michael took Wikias very seriously to the point where he always wanted to get his way and stormed off in a strop to Encyclopedia when he didn't. A hypocrite who condemned trolls on Wikipedia but was a troll off-site, Michael will forever be remembered as an incredible idiot.

Michael's current whereabouts are unknown. He vanished several months ago now from his account JuniusThaddeus on Encyclopedia. It is now believed he's dead or in therapy for his internet addiction. A popular rumour states that he went into the big wide world for the first time in years at night time. During his journey down a dark alleyway, he was ambushed by three big black men who had their cocks almost bursting out of the zippers of their jeans. They proceeded to TP (triple penetrate) Michael in his asshole which not only stretched his anus to a wide circumference but completely ruptured his colon leading to internal bleeding and an inner infection. Michael was left on the ground, unable to move from the ridiculously hard anal pounding he had just received and slowly bled to death through his anus as the men released their final load in him simultaneously roaring with laughter as they did so. Some say that one of the men continued, skull fucking Michael to death.
by blablsk September 20, 2014
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