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A term brought in to use by the United States Marine Corps in Mid 2008. The term was to be used as a substitute for the "suppossed" derogatory term used for new Marines before(See: Boot).

Like most other tems in the Marine Corps, this phrase has been shortened into an acrynom for easier use in every day speech or insults. In haste to make change to hundreds of years of tradition, this term failed to be propperly eddited; resulting in all new Marines (ie: boots)to be refered to as "JEWS"
"Junior Enlisted Warrior (J.E.W.)"

(1)"dude, we're not suppossed to call the new guys boots anymore!"

"What are we supposed to call these freaks then?"

"this order says to call them 'Junior Enlisted Warriors'..... that can't be right.... who the hell is the officer that signed off on us calling new Marines JEW's!"

(2)"who the fuck is going to clean these floors!?@!... Get over here JEW!"

by BROSKEW March 12, 2009
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