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A small tourist-filled city of about 30,000 people located in southeast Alaska, Juneau is the absolute place to be. During the short yet fun-filled springs and summers, both visitors and full Alaskans enjoy visiting the beautiful glaciers, trails, and lakes. Mountains are easily hiked, and the beautiful atmosphere is overwhelming. In Juneau, every breath is fresh and crisp, and would make the long trip worth it just by itself. Juneau is surrounded by trees and wildlife, for it is located within the widely-known Tongas Rainforest. The people of Juneau are always supporting of the local resturants and businesses. If your looking at traveling options, Juneau, AK, is definitely a destination to consider.
New Yorker: I want to go to Juneau, Alaska!
Juneauite: Come on over!
New Yorker: I want to see the polar bears, moose, and eskimos!
Juneauite: Their aren't any polar bears/moose/eskimos in Juneau... :/
by maybei'mcooler? May 16, 2011
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