June 18 is where the most pretty and sexy people where born
Girl: Wow she is so pretty
Friend : I bet she is born in June 18
by ❤️💕 November 2, 2019
If you were born this day you are a good friend and a bad bitch
June 18 baby's are bad birches who need love
by Badbitch696969 November 6, 2019
National beat up Jacob Day, don't worry he deserves it and likes it
Tyrone: hey today's June 18th right?
Kyle: yeah its June 18th why?
Tyrone: its National beat up Jacob day today
Jacob: Oh shit
by Jeremiah Sweden December 2, 2019
The day a legend died.

If you do not remember what happend that day still read this.
When someone dies it’s a big deal as you know!

But when a legend dies you lose a part of yourself to, when legends die you start to care more, why do you care more when people die why don’t you start carrying now?

On June 18 millions of people’s heart broke when we got the news that rapper by the name XXXTENTACION has been shot we lose our mind and started to care more even more than we did. This day rewrote history if this day never happend imagine what would be different there would be more positive from the people who knew him or just ever watched him, X was on a good path when he died so why take that away from him? When he spread so much positivity in so short time he was on a dark path and he was trying his best to change and he did weel so if you here someone talk crap about him tell them they could spread that much positive in such a short time when you where on a such a dark path!!!
Man 1: damn why does everyone talk about June 18 what happend?
Man 2: A legend was murdered
by Espaniol taxi driver December 13, 2018
If u were born in June 18, You’re probably smart, annoying, friendly and talkative. You’re also fun, cute and a clown 🤡.
person: omg she was born in June 18
person 2 : yes
by clown 🤡😂 November 3, 2019