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When you're talking and you realise you're just spewing nonsense. Can also be said to put an end to junamona.
Randalf: I was playing this new game called Scooter Pro and the contols were A and Z but that's not the normal controls but you could have them or perhaps just mount a game pad to the moniter and... Junamona!

Hugh: That was some serious junamona there dude.

Finley: I reckon if you could reach the back of the horse with one leg and put your other leg on its head you could span it for better balance in the ermm... Junamona!

Ming: You're a junamona bastard Finley, why don't you shit off back to your dick factory?

Finley: You fucking idiot that wasn't an insult, that was pure grade a junamona.

Ming: I've got to get a train.
by JimmyWilks July 29, 2010
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