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Wow. Julyanna. She’s one of the most amazing girls. Like, really good. You’ll never meet someone the same as her. She’s the most loyal, kind, charismatic person ever. She’s a guy’s dream girl. Always there for you when you need her. If she’s with you at your best, sure as hell she’ll be with you at your worst. She’s the one that keeps you going. She’s an angel that fell from heaven. Everything about her is right. God took his time planning her. She may not believe she’s one of the most beautiful people in the world, inside and out, but she is. The only thing wrong with her is that she doesn’t believe all this. Everyone would describe her as perfect, but yet she’s the realist and most chillest person out there.
“Bro, you dating Julyanna?”
“Yeah, she’s absolute perfection. You don’t even know.”
by Blake Waters May 23, 2018
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A unique name with a unique definition. The most beautiful women will have this name. If you have one you need to keep her and cherish every moment you guys have together. Shes funny, kind, classy, outgoing, and of course beautiful. She is there for everyone and will stick up for anyone she cares about. Honestly, words cannot explain how amazing she is. I would say shes perfect, but perfect is fake and shes 110% real. She is also a beautiful girl with an amazing infection smile, beautiful hair and gorgeous eyes, who can make everyday better just by looking at you and grinning. She so beautiful that you cant ever stop looking at her. She is so kind and loving and will do anything for her family or loved one. She is also very smart and has a very good sense of style. We love you Julyanna.
Girl-“Did you know my best friend is Julyanna.”

Boy-“No fair, Iwould due to be with her.”
Girl-“Jukyanna’s the best.”
by ThisGirlIsAmaazing11111 May 31, 2018
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