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A girl that is really nice and funny. You can always count on her to keep your secrets
Julsmarie: Hahaha
Bob: Hahaha
by Mac _N_Cheese June 12, 2018
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Julsmarie is a fucking idiot. If you ever meet a Julsmarie or the Julsmarie, don't talk to her because she'll make fun of you and like that shit hurts man. Anyways, Julsmarie is the funniest person you'll ever meet. Well she's funny if you like jokes about abortion, death (ESPECIALLY OF THE DEATH OF YOUR DAD), and like y'know, just the basic twitter jokes-even though the nigga don't even use twitter. Julsmarie is also very strange and her pp itches so like if you ever wanna sex with her, you might get a std. If you're reading this juls, fuck you but like you're coo',,, keep on breathing man.
No one:

by rawrexdee February 03, 2019
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A girl that is really mean
Julsmarie: I don't like you anaya
Anaya: really ok😒😒😒😒😒
by bearbear27luvz May 18, 2018
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