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As Julian is a warm-hearted person and Amanda is lovable, this makes them a perfect match. They always laugh around each other. But they care about there other person feelings. They are a great couple together because of the love and hope between them. They started as not even knowing about each other before they where in 3 periods together. In P.E. they never really talk to each other before they started dating all they did was just laugh at each other or just glance. Until one day they will realize they like who they are inside. Soon they feel in love with each other and then Julian asked her to the Valentine Dance. After that day they where indomitable as one couple.
Julian: don’t you like how Amanda laughs

Julian: she makes me laugh.

Best Friend: Bro you like her, go ask her out

Julian : I don’t know, I am going to be the new laughing stock at school.

Julian: Even I can’t do that she has a boyfriend.

Best Friend: If you really like her then go ask here

Julian: okay

*Julian went and asked her out and she said yes and to this day they are an indomitable couple. *

lovely indomitable couple Julian+Amanda PowerCouple

Indomitable- impossible to defeat or break apart.
by AmyTheWriter73 January 31, 2018
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