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Honest to a fault, Julia Gulia is most often misunderstood. She is an eventful box of treasures. A contradiction and amazing for it. She is a cross between June Cleaver and Samantha. She has a backbone of Steele yet she breaks like china. Deep and passionate yet frivolous and funny. Nothing gets past her yet she's been fooled once or twice. She doesn’t intentionally try to hurt others yet like most everyone, has hurt them:( She'll give you the shirt off her back never expecting it to be repaid yet if ever left barren she would appreciate it if you held her hand. She will take care of you and doesn’t want to be taken care of yet when she needs care taking you're expected to do it. She doesn’t like drama yet gets caught up in it. She doesn’t like to be alone yet loves it. Wants her space yet tends to smother. Doesn’t care what others think of her yet doesn’t want to be looked down on. Confident yet insecure. She's a fighter yet she's given up more than once. Doesn’t like to talk too much yet on occasion, talks too much. A good listener yet sometimes she doesn’t hear you. She'll give advice yet won’t take it. She knows who she is yet she is still searching. She is a bundle of joy and the sexiest woman that you will ever lay eyes on!
Her boyfriend might say something like this to her, "Julia Gulia you are the most beautiful woman in the world", "Julia Gulia, you are the future mother of my children", "Julia Gulia, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me"!
His friends might say something like, "your the luckiest guy on the planet to be with Julia Gulia"!
by Julia Gulia! February 02, 2010
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