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An amazing person. Intelligent, great sense of humor, genuine, extremely good looking, successful, and easy going. Men with this name tend to be very strong, physically as well as intellectually. They know how it is to have lost everything in life and gained it all back. It is not uncommon for these people to have many demons they choose to battle on a daily basis. Whether drugs, alcohol, sex, or food, they struggle to gain control of their addictions and not over indulge. Juleon is a great partner to his significant other and a wonderful father. Non judgmental and very understanding of others, Juleon believes that the most beautiful thing about humans are our afflictions and imperfections. You can always count on being in the presence of good company because these people give off a positive energy one can usually feel because of their spiritual beliefs.
I met a man named Juleon today and there's just something about him that is so unusual about him. I can't quite think of what it is but I would love to see him again.
by JayJ Alexander Leon December 21, 2016
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