An affliction affecting a very small population of females. Symptoms include a shapely and firm, yet large and bouncy protusion of the posterier end in a female. A delicate combination of fat and muscle in the buttocks is what gives it the uplifted yet 'juicy' appearance.

Also named so because if one were to cut into it like a steak, it would be quite meaty but has just enough fat to let the juices run over the plate.

Usually a very manageable disease with several males in support of assistance.

Not to be confused with ghetto booty, as JBS individuals can be any ethnicity and the guidelines for diagnosis are much more strict: of normal weight or less, attractive to most heterosexual men, generally accompanied by thinner legs and/or torso (aids in portrayal of 'juiciness.')
Man 1: "Did you see the way she seemed to be smuggling two hams in her back pockets?"
Man 2: "Definitely afflicted with JBS."

Male coworker: "So how did you feel when you first learned you had JBS?"
Female coworker: "Excuse me?"
Male coworker; "Juicy Booty Syndrome. It only affects a small population, but I'm definitely in support of your cause."
Female coworker: *smacks face*
by Rehana P February 27, 2009