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One of those people that listen to ICP and paint their faces claiming they are serial killers and hack people to bits with hatchets. Doesn't get any faker than that. Also a lot of white people that says words that only white people in the ghetto of Detroit would say.
Brainwashed Teen "Yo homie, I want to go fuck someone up with a hatchet. ICP and the rest of the Pshycopathic Record band people do it!"

Another Teen "What the hell!? Oh, you are a Juggabitch or whatever they call you."

Brainwashed Teen "Fuck you, I will blaze ya dead homie, bitch!"

The Other Teen "... I'm calling the cops."
by ICPISFAKE November 14, 2007
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A noob with the CoD perk "Juggernaut".
The Juggernaut perk gives you ekstra hp, and is great at pissing people off.
"That aimhaxxing juggabitch noob just luckbottet me again!??
by Fuckin' Dumbledor February 06, 2009
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