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The act of decapitating a subject (victim) and then penetrating the exposed oesophagus, the blood is a handy lubricant and the subject is guaranteed to swallow. The origin of the name comes from the severing of the jugular veins within the neck.
1) I'm a creepy snuff film director and I'm going to rape and jug fuck that innocent woman because she refused to have sex with me.

2) Craig, would you jug fuck Keri?
by Cuddlesthesexybeast February 25, 2011
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A complete screw up where the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing.
So a week ago I called for an appointment for this test. They tell me I have to go down to the office and wait in line. I show up and sign in and wait 30 minutes. When it's finally my turn, they send me to another station. Same thing - sign in, wait 30 minutes, send me to another station. At the last station, they tell me I need to call to make an appointment. It was a complete jug fuck!
by Paul65_ng March 31, 2009
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